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Anglo Chilena Limited

Terms & Conditions


Patagonia-Transfers.org is a trading name of Anglo Chilena Limited, known hereafter as: “Patagonia Transfers”, “we”, “our” or “us”. Anglo Chilena Ltd is a UK-registered company with registration number 4736362 and with its registered office at Mercury House, 19-21 Chapel St., Marlow, Bucks SL7 3HN.

The customer, or pax, or client means the person requesting, making or paying for the reservation and / or persons named in the reservation.

Booking means reservation.

The end supplier means the company providing the vehicle for the transfer or bus service.

The transfer means the service of transport from one location to another.

In Case of Accident

Should any of the transfer services with our end suppliers, that we have contracted in good faith on behalf of a client, be involved in any type of accident resulting in delays, cancellations to other reservations that the client has (hotels, flights, cruises etc), personal injury or death of the client Patagonia Transfers accepts no responsibility at all in part or full. In any of the afore-mentioned situations a client, or his or her relatives, will need to claim compensation (if applicable and available) from the end supplier and not from Patagonia Transfers.

Patagonia Transfers is not responsible for ensuring that the end supplier has insurance to cover an injury of a client from accident or insurance to cover costs relating to death of a client resulting from an accident when in a vehicle owned by or provided by an end supplier.


Patagonia Transfers recommends that all clients ensure that they have their own travel insurance that covers transit, other accidents and costs associated with personal and third-party injury and death during their travel period in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador. We suggest that all clients ensure that they have enough insurance cover to cost for any required medical attention, hospital admissions and in severe situations an air ambulance flight.

Reservation Process

  1. We receive a request, or enquiry, from a customer.
  2. Payment will be charged to the customer credit card the moment the request form is filled in from the web site and sent into our office.
  3. We act to investigate availability of the transfer service requested and do our best to arrange what has been requested.
  4. We send to the customer an email confirming the requested transfer or inform the customer that the service is not available.
  5. The name that will appear on credit card statements will be Anglo Chilena Limited.


In the event that a transfer service is not available Anglo Chilena Limited will refund 100% of the charge to the credit card less any fees that the credit card processing company has deducted.

In the event that a transfer service has been confirmed by Patagonia Transfers, but is cancelled at a later date by Patagonia Transfers or cancelled by the end supplier, Patagonia Transfers will firstly try to arrange for a new transfer at a time close to the original transfer. In the event that a new transfer is not possible we will refund 100% of the charge to the credit card less any fees that the credit card processing company has deducted.

In the event that a client wishes to cancel his or her transfer after confirmation and payment to Anglo Chilena Ltd, Patagonia Transfers will NOT refund any monies paid. The only exception to this will be in the event of illness of the client, death of a client, or death of a close relative that prevents the client from using the service, or another very good reason why the client cannot use the service. In these situations we will consider a refund only if the end supplier agrees to refund us and then our refund to the client will be less 40% of payment received. Any cancellation of a request, after confirmation, must be made in writing via email to Patagonia-Transfers.org via booking@patagonia-transfers.org

We do not accept any responsibility in the event that an end supplier, or an intermediary supplier company, that we have used to secure your reservations declares bankruptcy. Should such a situation arise, and we are unable to obtain any refund whatsoever we will not be able to pay out any refunds to you, our client.

Any refunds will always be less any previously stipulated terms and / or costs associated with issuing a refund and in line with the terms and conditions of the end supplier or intermediary service supplier.

Responsibility for Safety

Anglo Chilena Ltd, accepts no responsibility for safety, injury, or death caused by injury, of the customer or customers (person or persons named within the reservation) as a result of their travel to and/or within Chile and other countries connected to their reservation made via Patagonia Transfers.


Anglo Chilena Ltd. cannot be held accountable for the quality (standard) of vehicles or services related to the reservation of a customer. Anglo Chilena Ltd. cannot be held accountable for the cancellation of your reservation by unforeseen events such as natural or man-made disasters (including Earthquakes) or any other event, but we will endeavour to reclaim monies you have paid to Anglo Chilena Ltd. that relate directly to your reservation less any costs and fees involved in obtaining a refund on your behalf plus any costs charged by the supplier.

Payment Policy

All reservations must be fully pre-paid in United States Dollars (USD) in cash via bank wire transfer, credit or debit card.

Privacy Policy

Patagonia Transfers will not pass on to any third party, information supplied by the customer, other than the required information that a supplier needs in order to secure a reservation. We value the privacy of our customers and will do what we can to keep customer information protected and not willingly sell, offer or expose such information to any other company except in the case to secure reservations with suppliers.

Contact Information
Patagonia Transfers

Email: booking@patagonia-transfers.org
Web: www.patagonia-transfers.org